Friday, April 18, 2014

Two "Public Figure" It's Scramble Time Chair of the Democratic Party in Senayan

Quick count is done Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting ( SMRC ) , estimates that there will be one seat left in the race for the electoral district of East Java VI , by two public figures .

Two public figure in question is a member of Commission X which is also the incumbent candidates of the Democratic Party , Venna Melinda with Vice Chairman of Commission IX of the Party Demokat , Nova Riyanti Joseph .

Related to this , Venna encountered in Duren Tiga area , South Jakarta , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) , assume it is not a competition or a competition . Venna actually call Noriyu , familiar greeting Nova Riyanti Joseph , as his best friend . " Nova my friend , " he said .

Venna said he went into politics not to add to the enemy . He does not want any friction between fellow candidates simply because both follow the legislative elections .

Venna not want to speculate about the rest of the remaining seats , which are also contested by Noriyu . He prefers to wait for the official results to be issued by Regional Election Commission of East Java . However , Venna satisfied voice earned top achievement to date .

These results , call him , is in conformity expected target . Venna said , to achieve a high voice , no need for political money , dawn raids , campaigns or black . Himself , he said, had proved this.

" All the way to be honest . Alhamdulillah, I strongly feel the VI Java community appreciate my performance , " said Venna .

However , if it turns out later he lost the pileg , Venna said they would go back to his hobby , which is salsa dancing . He also wants to make a gymnastics studio nuanced Spanish -style restaurant .
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SMRC previous estimates , Democrats will only receive 10 percent of the vote and will lose 81 to 90 seats compared to the results of the 2009 elections . On election five years ago , the Democrats gain House seats 148 . This makes the seat for the Democrats reduced in almost all constituencies .


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