Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Provide Cheap Internet, Facebook Wake Up Sky Connection

After reaching more than 1 billion active users per month , Facebook seems increasingly eager to provide low-cost Internet connections to the entire population of the world . To realize his dream , the company is headquartered in California is harnessing drones or unmanned aircraft , satellites , and other technologies .

In the Connectivity Lab project , dubbed the Facebook has hired experts communications technology and aerospace world , including experts at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA Ames Research Center and Ascenta , a manufacturer based in the UK Zephyr .
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Citing pages PC Pro , Zephyr itself is a solar -powered device that is lined up as the drone innovative with the ability to fly the longest in the world .

" We are currently developing a Lab Connectivity by using unmanned aircraft , satellites and lasers to provide internet for everyone , " Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his personal Facebook account .

In an attempt to connect the billions of people who currently do not have internet access in places like Africa and Asia , Facebook has teamed up with telecom operators to make internet access more affordable .

" To connect with Internet.org worldwide , we are doing a variety of ways to bring the Internet to the public of the connection that is connected from the top of the sky , " Zuckerberg added .
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Responding to adopt Facebook plans drones and laser light to deliver an internet connection , Professor William Webb as the Deputy President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology asked the social networking company that conducts its operations safely .


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