Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mashuri, 15 of the stocks in the Naked Conditions

Mashuri ( 35 ) has been 15 years of living in the stocks . During that time he only stayed in the room cubicle measuring 2 x 3 meters is behind his home in the village of Susuhbango , District Ringinrejo , Kediri .

Since young , Mashuri forced deprived families because they feared a raging current mental illness relapse . Residents around the house who does not want peace then agreed shackle Mashuri disturbed since the age of 20 years .

However , there are unique from Mashuri behavior . During deprived him naked and put the two rings on his cock . The first ring is made of brass cap ex to be placed in the base of the pubic . Then , the second ring is made of perforated coins former middle . The second installation of the ring had resulted in an infection in the pubic Mashuri .

Although it is now wound infection was cured, but still visible scars on his cock and two rings that was until now still attached . Of course no one dared to release the two rings on his cock , fearing Mashuri would revolt .

" Residents him his cock is already fitted two rings , " said Abdul Ghofur ( 30 ) , neighbor .

Suffering Supijah deceased son in the stocks that have been reported to the Health Center staff Sambi . Officers also have checked the condition of the patient and has been proposed to treat the patient to the asylum Lawang .

Meanwhile , Dr. Anna Minarti of PHC Sambi said, it had to be taken to refer patients RSJ Lawang .
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" So get the report , we directly treated in the asylum process for Lawang . Pemberangkatannya pending right now , " said Anna .


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