Sunday, April 20, 2014

59 people killed in the South Ferry incident , 243 Others Still Missing

Seoul - The death toll ferry sinking of South Korea rose sharply , up to now reportedly reached 59 people . While as many as 243 other people , mostly school children , remain missing .

Search operation involving many divers are now trying to get into the cabins of the ship Sewol are already in the sea . For the first time over the weekend , divers managed to access parts of the ship cabins in the ocean .

A total of 19 bodies had been evacuated from inside the cabin . Terwas victim's body was then taken to a tent in Jindo Island , which is located not far from the scene . At this same location , the families of victims and survivors temporarily housed . Similarly, as reported by AFP on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .
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Several policemen stand guard outside the tent seemed to remember a lot of families of the disappeared are anxious and worried about their child's condition . From a total of 476 people were on board the ferry Sewol overturned and sank on Wednesday ( 16/4 ), the 350 is a high school student Danwon in Ansan .

Of these , recently reported dozens of children who were rescued among other passengers . South Korean authorities to make sure , there were only a total of 174 people were rescued from the ship , and until now no other survivors were found .

Worse , among the survivors there is also the captain of the ship and a crew . Sewol ship captain named Lee Joon Seok are now in police custody and could face life in prison for being a cause of the sinking .

Prosecutor handling the case said that Lee did not slow down the speed of the ship while sailing in a narrow route . Not only that , Lee apparently was not in the wheelhouse when the vessel had an incident .

Lee snared a lot of charges by the prosecutor , ranging from leaving the responsibility to leave the ship , negligent , causing injury to another person , do not make contact with the rescue of another ship and marine unlawful . In addition , Lee is considered not running the correct procedures to guide passengers , causing the evacuation of the passengers died or were injured .

If found guilty , Lee will undergo a minimum prison sentence of 5 years to life .


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