Sunday, April 27, 2014

Future Cars Nissan Can " Shower Yourself "

Future Cars Nissan Can " Shower Yourself "
Japanese car company , Nissan , recently developing a recent innovation , which makes the car can clean themselves ( self-cleaning car ) without water and soap .

Reported by Dailymail , Sunday, April 27, 2014 , the latest innovations currently being carried out by a number of expert testing phase in Sunderland , England , where the paint can prevent dirt directly attached to the car body .
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The experts from Nissan calls this new technology called Ultra - Ever Dry as a super - hydrophobic and oleophobic . With this technology , the paint can be protected from liquids , oils and fats even though will not be able to stick .

" Nissan Note is the first car to make the car wash obsolete . Washing the car can be a costly and expensive . For that reason , Nissan has started doing tests on innovative paint technology that is protected from mud , rain , and dirt everyday , which means that the driver may not have to clean their cars longer , "said Nissan spokesman .

The plan , future Nissan cars will be protected from dirt is applied to Nissan Note from October 2014.


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