Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meet Jokowi Wiranto , Hanura : Neighbor Wong Solo

Chairman of the Board of the Central Party Hanura allow Saleh Hussein advent presidential candidate from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , to the Chief General Wiranto in Bambu Apus , Jakarta . The meeting occurred on Saturday last week that claimed to be the original antartokoh communication Solo.

" Jokowi come together colleagues from Solo , and I happen to coincide at the residence ," said Saleh via short message on Monday , 28 April 2014.
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It said the meeting held relaxed and warm . Still, according to him , both of them also addressed the issues of race and condition of current policy .

Saleh protest meeting or discuss about the opportunity to establish a coalition deal between the two parties . It claims the trial theme is a common question raised in a situation that is commonplace today.

"This is a moment to be special because the presidential election , " said Saleh .

It shows that Koehler has also met with the leaders of political parties, such as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono , Prabowo Subianto , Bakrie , and Anis Matta . ( Read also : Prabowo When WirantoĆ¢ € © , What Do They Talk ? ) But , the meeting did not discuss specific coalition . ( See also : Talk Coalition , Koehler Never Asks Department )

According to Saleh, Hanura not determine the direction of the coalition because it is still waiting for the official enumeration voice revenue by the General Election Commission . Hanura plans also will hold a national leadership meeting to determine the direction of the coalition.


Monday, April 28, 2014

Students Capture Polrestabes Surabaya Back Joki UN

Big City Surabaya Police managed to arrest a person returning student brain jockey who became a national exam ( UN ) and the high school level are still hunting the other network actors .

" We received the information and immediately after him . Police finally caught the perpetrator in his home , in Lamongan , " said Chief Unit Commercial Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Police Assistant Commissioner Polrestabes Surabaya MS . Ferry to reporters in Jakarta, Monday.
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Thus , it has now been arrested six suspects alleged UN jockey school in Surabaya and surrounding areas . The case arose after the discovery leaked UN response .

Suspect Abd initials , one domestic shipping polytechnic student in Surabaya . After investigation , the suspect served as a conduit of questions and answer key UN .

Police , said Ferry , still hunting the other suspects are included in the UN jockey network . It also claimed to have had a number of information and pocketed the other names .

Before capturing Abd , police formed a special team of five officers managed to subdue a student from a private college in Surabaya .

Fifth respectively initials Bgs ( 20 ) , Brn ( 19 ) , Str ( 19 ) , Alf ( 19 ) and DYT ( 20 ) . Two names in front served as chairman and vice- coordinator in the network . While other students are in charge of the search for answers .

" They were arrested in a square in Yogyakarta by a special team after receiving a report that they had been out of town . All still undergoing an intensive inspection process , " said Police Commissioner Setija Kapolrestabes Junianta Surabaya .

In front of the investigator , the suspect confessed to reap a profit of up to hundreds of millions of dollars .

Not only in Surabaya , they often move the target , as in Malang , Bandung , Yogyakarta and other cities .


Mark Zuckerberg Immortalized in Wax Sculpture

Mark Zuckerberg Immortalized in Wax Sculpture
Starting in June 2014 , the founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerber will join celebrities at Madame Tussauds museum .

Yes , Zuck will be immortalized through sebuat wax statue in the museum is popular . The plan , sculpture Zuck will take place in the museum Madame Tussauds in San Francisco, USA .

In a leaked photo , ' Zuck ' appears in the middle of the state to sit and hold a laptop . Not to forget the sweater jacket often worn the miluner these technologies .
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' Zuck ' own mejeng statue in the middle of Leonardo Di Caprio and sexy singer Rihanna .

As reported by Mashable , takes about 20 artists and will take 3-4 months to complete the statue of Mark Zuckerberg .

Mark Zuckerberg is the original of course not have to sit for hours in order to complete the statue made ​​. But the artists enough to rely on photos to create stunning creations .

For the curious , the museum Madame Tussauds in San Francisco is going to be opened on June 26, 2014 . Besides Zuck , celebrities , politicians , and shop the world will also be a collection of Madame Tussauds that should be expected .


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Future Cars Nissan Can " Shower Yourself "

Future Cars Nissan Can " Shower Yourself "
Japanese car company , Nissan , recently developing a recent innovation , which makes the car can clean themselves ( self-cleaning car ) without water and soap .

Reported by Dailymail , Sunday, April 27, 2014 , the latest innovations currently being carried out by a number of expert testing phase in Sunderland , England , where the paint can prevent dirt directly attached to the car body .
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The experts from Nissan calls this new technology called Ultra - Ever Dry as a super - hydrophobic and oleophobic . With this technology , the paint can be protected from liquids , oils and fats even though will not be able to stick .

" Nissan Note is the first car to make the car wash obsolete . Washing the car can be a costly and expensive . For that reason , Nissan has started doing tests on innovative paint technology that is protected from mud , rain , and dirt everyday , which means that the driver may not have to clean their cars longer , "said Nissan spokesman .

The plan , future Nissan cars will be protected from dirt is applied to Nissan Note from October 2014.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mashuri, 15 of the stocks in the Naked Conditions

Mashuri ( 35 ) has been 15 years of living in the stocks . During that time he only stayed in the room cubicle measuring 2 x 3 meters is behind his home in the village of Susuhbango , District Ringinrejo , Kediri .

Since young , Mashuri forced deprived families because they feared a raging current mental illness relapse . Residents around the house who does not want peace then agreed shackle Mashuri disturbed since the age of 20 years .

However , there are unique from Mashuri behavior . During deprived him naked and put the two rings on his cock . The first ring is made of brass cap ex to be placed in the base of the pubic . Then , the second ring is made of perforated coins former middle . The second installation of the ring had resulted in an infection in the pubic Mashuri .

Although it is now wound infection was cured, but still visible scars on his cock and two rings that was until now still attached . Of course no one dared to release the two rings on his cock , fearing Mashuri would revolt .

" Residents him his cock is already fitted two rings , " said Abdul Ghofur ( 30 ) , neighbor .

Suffering Supijah deceased son in the stocks that have been reported to the Health Center staff Sambi . Officers also have checked the condition of the patient and has been proposed to treat the patient to the asylum Lawang .

Meanwhile , Dr. Anna Minarti of PHC Sambi said, it had to be taken to refer patients RSJ Lawang .
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" So get the report , we directly treated in the asylum process for Lawang . Pemberangkatannya pending right now , " said Anna .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Sekjen PPP Konsultasi Wed Jimly Asshiddiqie

Party General Secretary M Romahurmuziy Development Association Hall of Honor overlooks the Chief Election Coordinator ( DKPP ) Jimly Asshiddiqie associated anarchic in his party body . The meeting was conducted in consultation Towards the delivery of campaign fund reports and PPP coalition attitude .

" Consultation with Pak Jimly time , because this would campaign fund reporting , " said Romahurmuziy in office DKPP , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .

He says , consultation was done considering Jimly was the former manager of the PPP. He said Jimly want to get a clear picture about the political conflict in the sitting PPP body .

" He's a senior , would like to get information of what actually happened , " said Romy politicians greeted the familiar .

PPP will hold a National Consultative Work . Mukernas was more of a National Leadership Meeting set Emron PPP Vice Chairman of General Duties of Pangkapi as the Executive General Management.

PPP triggered chaotic action in the body Suryadharma Ali who came and supported the nomination as a presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto considered illegal mukernas PPP results . Mukernas decided to forge political communication with eight prospective presidential candidate available.
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In the list of eight names , no name Prabowo . Had emerging discourse Suryadharma overthrow by a number of elite DPP and PPP DPW . However , Suryadharma remains with the results , even on Friday afternoon declare Gerindra Party in coalition with PPP DPP , attended directly by Prabowo .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

59 people killed in the South Ferry incident , 243 Others Still Missing

Seoul - The death toll ferry sinking of South Korea rose sharply , up to now reportedly reached 59 people . While as many as 243 other people , mostly school children , remain missing .

Search operation involving many divers are now trying to get into the cabins of the ship Sewol are already in the sea . For the first time over the weekend , divers managed to access parts of the ship cabins in the ocean .

A total of 19 bodies had been evacuated from inside the cabin . Terwas victim's body was then taken to a tent in Jindo Island , which is located not far from the scene . At this same location , the families of victims and survivors temporarily housed . Similarly, as reported by AFP on Monday ( 04/21/2014 ) .
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Several policemen stand guard outside the tent seemed to remember a lot of families of the disappeared are anxious and worried about their child's condition . From a total of 476 people were on board the ferry Sewol overturned and sank on Wednesday ( 16/4 ), the 350 is a high school student Danwon in Ansan .

Of these , recently reported dozens of children who were rescued among other passengers . South Korean authorities to make sure , there were only a total of 174 people were rescued from the ship , and until now no other survivors were found .

Worse , among the survivors there is also the captain of the ship and a crew . Sewol ship captain named Lee Joon Seok are now in police custody and could face life in prison for being a cause of the sinking .

Prosecutor handling the case said that Lee did not slow down the speed of the ship while sailing in a narrow route . Not only that , Lee apparently was not in the wheelhouse when the vessel had an incident .

Lee snared a lot of charges by the prosecutor , ranging from leaving the responsibility to leave the ship , negligent , causing injury to another person , do not make contact with the rescue of another ship and marine unlawful . In addition , Lee is considered not running the correct procedures to guide passengers , causing the evacuation of the passengers died or were injured .

If found guilty , Lee will undergo a minimum prison sentence of 5 years to life .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Two "Public Figure" It's Scramble Time Chair of the Democratic Party in Senayan

Quick count is done Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting ( SMRC ) , estimates that there will be one seat left in the race for the electoral district of East Java VI , by two public figures .

Two public figure in question is a member of Commission X which is also the incumbent candidates of the Democratic Party , Venna Melinda with Vice Chairman of Commission IX of the Party Demokat , Nova Riyanti Joseph .

Related to this , Venna encountered in Duren Tiga area , South Jakarta , Friday ( 04/18/2014 ) , assume it is not a competition or a competition . Venna actually call Noriyu , familiar greeting Nova Riyanti Joseph , as his best friend . " Nova my friend , " he said .

Venna said he went into politics not to add to the enemy . He does not want any friction between fellow candidates simply because both follow the legislative elections .

Venna not want to speculate about the rest of the remaining seats , which are also contested by Noriyu . He prefers to wait for the official results to be issued by Regional Election Commission of East Java . However , Venna satisfied voice earned top achievement to date .

These results , call him , is in conformity expected target . Venna said , to achieve a high voice , no need for political money , dawn raids , campaigns or black . Himself , he said, had proved this.

" All the way to be honest . Alhamdulillah, I strongly feel the VI Java community appreciate my performance , " said Venna .

However , if it turns out later he lost the pileg , Venna said they would go back to his hobby , which is salsa dancing . He also wants to make a gymnastics studio nuanced Spanish -style restaurant .
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SMRC previous estimates , Democrats will only receive 10 percent of the vote and will lose 81 to 90 seats compared to the results of the 2009 elections . On election five years ago , the Democrats gain House seats 148 . This makes the seat for the Democrats reduced in almost all constituencies .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Google Give R1, 1 M for Modular Smartphone Project

CALIFORNIA - Google will deliver money of $ 100 thousand or approximately Rp1 , 1 billion to developers who are able to bring the best modular smartphone . This modular smartphone has been widely reported by the name of Project fig .

Reported by Ubergizmo , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) , Ara Project promoted by Google is already planned to be produced for consumers in January 2015 . To realize the plan , the developer is expected to show the best module to Google in exchange for rewards R1 , 1 billion .
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Google later that the parties will assess the modules from the developers of smartphones . This assessment is based on functionality , elegance appearance , novelty , quality , impact and potential commercialization .

The search engine giant is trying to encourage developers to create exciting modules that can be used in handsets Ara Project . We also give a prize for the winner of the second ( runner - up ) , which will be invited to the next Ara Project developer conference .

Modular smartphone concept into a new innovation in the handset market . Users do not need to pay more to replace the phone , but only need to add a smartphone to upgrade to the required specifications .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Keep NIM, Danamon will not stop raising interest mortgage

Since March 2014 , PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk ( Bank Danamon ) has raised interest rates mortgage ( mortgage) to 12.25 percent from December 2013 that only 12 percent . The decision to raise lending rates due to the high interest charges that led to Nett interest margin ( NIM) declined .

Danamon Finance Director Vera Eve Lim , said the company is committed to maintain NIM at 8.6 percent rate . " As of March yesterday we had 12.25 percent raise mortgage rates . Later mortgage adjustments may still be there anymore , " he said at the Bank Tower , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/4 ) .
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According to him , the company will also maintain NIM eg by increasing the efficiency of tightening financing expenses .

Meanwhile , for micro lending also increased to 20.94 percent in March 2014 from the current month of December 2013 is only 20.51 percent . For non-mortgage lending rates remained at 12.49 percent rate .

The Company also recorded a third -party funding ( TPF ) including current and savings accounts (current and savings accounts or CASA ) experienced a 12 percent growth over the same period last year to Rp 47 trillion . Where , in detail , current accounts or CASA grew by 16 percent to Rp 18.4 trillion and the savings or the savings to grow by 9 percent to Rp 28.3 trillion .

With this growth , current account and savings account for 42 percent of total deposits that the Bank amounted to Rp 111.9 trillion . Deposits or time deposits which are part of the deposits other than demand deposits and savings grow by 38 percent to Rp 65 trillion .

" Thus , the total funding of the Bank which includes deposits and long-term funds grew by 22 percent compared to the first quarter of 2013 to Rp 139 trillion , " he explained .


Early 2015, in the range of 10,500 Rupiah Per Can the U.S. Dollar

Predicted rupiah currency has appreciated against the dollar to below Rp 11,000 per U.S. dollar by the end of 2014 .

" Dollar could end the year at Rp 10,900 per U.S. dollar . But it is likely to weaken slightly in Rp 11.700 at the end of semester one . So weakened first , then be strengthened , " said Standard Chartered Bank economist Eric Sugandi in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Standard Chartered Research estimates in the second quarter of 2014 will be weaker rupiah at Rp 11,700 per U.S. dollar , and rose again on the third quarter 2014 at Rp 11,300 per U.S. dollar . In the fourth quarter of 2014 new dollars estimated at Rp 10,900 per U.S. dollar .

Entering triwilan I -2015 , predicted regained rupiah at Rp 10,500 per U.S. dollar . The pattern would be repeated weakening rupiah , since the second quarter of 2015 are expected to come under pressure on the rupiah at Rp 10,800 per U.S. dollar .

Standard Chartered Bank senior economist Fauzi Ichsan suggests , pressure dollars during the first half of this year due to domestic political risk factors , current account deficit , on the other hand influenced by the Federal Reserve's policy of tapering off .

On the other hand , he also saw , there was a deliberate Bank Indonesia " allow " the rupiah weakened while it is in line with the fundamentals of Indonesia. BI deliberately slowing import growth .

" Policy ( BI ) is indeed leads to suppress the curent account deficit ( CAD ) . Because, if it CAD swell , Rupiah so unattractive and suppress the economy , " he said .
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In addition to the projection of dollars , Standard Chartered Research results also showed that Indonesia's GDP growth forecast of 5.8 percent this year . The returns on 10 -year government securities at the end of the year by 8 percent , the trade balance is forecast for a surplus of 10 billion dollars , and the current account balance of minus 24.9 billion U.S. dollars . Meanwhile, the estimated reserves of 110 billion U.S. dollars translucent .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Valencia baby kidnapper eventually be suspect

After undergoing a series of inspections finally performer infant abduction Valencia , Desi Ariani , is set to become a suspect by the police .

Kapolrestabes Bandung Comr Pol Mashudi insisted Desi be suspect set from Monday ( 4/14/2014 ) afternoon by investigators PPA Satreskrim Polrestabes Bandung .

"From this day DS ( Desi ) officially became a suspect , " says Mashudi told journalists on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

He said the suspects based on the prescribed Desi confession and some of the evidence that the police had been secured .

Alluded to the motive of the kidnapping of Desi perform . Mashudi say , temporarily kidnapping suspect to have a baby.

"While the confession to be owned only. But we will develop other possibilities , " he said.

For a while , Desi dibantarkan in RS Hasan Sadikin because still in the process of post-operative treatment team physician .
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" While we meshes with the Law on Protection of children, with the threat of a prison sentence of 15 years , " the toilet .


Friday, April 11, 2014

LG: Processor Odin Immediate Release, But Not For G3

LG reportedly preparing processor systems - on - a- chip ( SoC ) based on ARM is soon to be released in 2014 . Processor , named Odin showing big.LITTLE configuration with a four- core processor of Cortex - A15s with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz , and four core processor Cortex - A7S with a clock speed of 1.7 GHz .

Reporting from phonearena , LG has appointed TSMC to manufacture Odin , which will use a 28 nm manufacturing process .

Many rumors circulated that Odin memperiapkan LG Optimus successor to the series G , ie, G2 or G3 . However, one of the speakers LG says that this is not true . Odin was never planned by the LG Optimus series to be present in G , either G 2 , G3 or for G Pad 8.3 . The speakers only provide information that Odin soon enter mass production .
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The delay before Odin for mass production because LG is having problems with the final design of Odin . Because LG apparently decided to pack Odin concept to fit in a more low-end phones . And obviously , Odin was not created for the G3 . Possible , LG Odin prepared for a mid - level device that will work on the LG in Q2 2014.

based on ARM is soon to be released in 2014. Processor, named Odin showing big.LITTLE configuration with a four-core processor of Cortex - A15s with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz, and a four-core processor Cortex - A7S with a clock speed of 1.7 GHz.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Acquisition of the Islamic political party's Largest In History

A quick count results declared , the combined five Islamic parties received votes in the top 30 percent . Unfortunately , only four parties that passed the electoral threshold , ie PKB , PAN , PPP , and MCC .

Meanwhile , the UN failed to advance to senayan predictable because only one percent gain sound . Political observers UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Fachry Ali said , the achievement of Islamic political parties outside the predictions of all parties .

He said the acquisition of over 30 percent was the highest since the 1955 election in the Old Order era . In the New Order , he said, the achievements of Islamic parties is not very encouraging because the government neutered .

Even when the era of Electoral Reform in 1999, 2004 , and 2009 , combined they are not able to penetrate the psychological number .

 " This is beyond the predictions of all observers and pollsters . Has never been in history since the New Order , a combination of Islamic political parties in excess of 30 percent , " said Fachry when contacted on Friday ( 11/4 ) .

According to him , Islamic parties are now very likely was an abundance of blessings . That's because the secular parties were dirundang many problems . Finally , disgruntled masses trying to hang hopes to Islamic political parties .

Therefore , he hoped that the recent phenomenon can be maximized five leaders of Islamic political parties . " Public confidence is high .
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Momentum is a sentimental surprising development that should be able to be utilized to position themselves better with the community , "said Fachry .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

At Raw Ukrainian Legislators Involved

A number of Ukrainian MPs involved shootout o'clock , Tuesday, April 8, 2014 . The incident at the meeting began when communist leader accuses nationalists flirted with Russia by adopting extreme tactics early in the crisis countries .

Allegations was delivered Petro Symonenko when speaking in parliament rostrum . Two representatives of the right-wing nationalist party Svoboda immediately called for objections and tried to catch Symonenko on the podium . Chaos is inevitable .

Supporters of the two parties then exchanged at in front of the pulpit, as quoted from page to Reuters . Symonenko not injured in this incident . However , in the face of one of the members of parliament looked scratches .
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Symonenko enrages MPs from nationalist with reference to the pro - Russian rallies were seized buildings in eastern Ukraine . According to him , the action was a form of precedent from previous nationalist action also seized public buildings in protest against the rule of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich rolled .

Now , he said , armed groups shooting at people who want to fight for the rights through peaceful way . " Right now , you - you do everything to intimidate people . You catch people , began to fight the people of different bow , " said Symonenko before being pulled from the podium by a group of nationalist Svoboda .


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Provide Cheap Internet, Facebook Wake Up Sky Connection

After reaching more than 1 billion active users per month , Facebook seems increasingly eager to provide low-cost Internet connections to the entire population of the world . To realize his dream , the company is headquartered in California is harnessing drones or unmanned aircraft , satellites , and other technologies .

In the Connectivity Lab project , dubbed the Facebook has hired experts communications technology and aerospace world , including experts at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA Ames Research Center and Ascenta , a manufacturer based in the UK Zephyr .
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Citing pages PC Pro , Zephyr itself is a solar -powered device that is lined up as the drone innovative with the ability to fly the longest in the world .

" We are currently developing a Lab Connectivity by using unmanned aircraft , satellites and lasers to provide internet for everyone , " Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his personal Facebook account .

In an attempt to connect the billions of people who currently do not have internet access in places like Africa and Asia , Facebook has teamed up with telecom operators to make internet access more affordable .

" To connect with Internet.org worldwide , we are doing a variety of ways to bring the Internet to the public of the connection that is connected from the top of the sky , " Zuckerberg added .
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Responding to adopt Facebook plans drones and laser light to deliver an internet connection , Professor William Webb as the Deputy President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology asked the social networking company that conducts its operations safely .