Monday, April 28, 2014

Students Capture Polrestabes Surabaya Back Joki UN

Big City Surabaya Police managed to arrest a person returning student brain jockey who became a national exam ( UN ) and the high school level are still hunting the other network actors .

" We received the information and immediately after him . Police finally caught the perpetrator in his home , in Lamongan , " said Chief Unit Commercial Crime Unit of the Criminal Investigation Police Assistant Commissioner Polrestabes Surabaya MS . Ferry to reporters in Jakarta, Monday.
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Thus , it has now been arrested six suspects alleged UN jockey school in Surabaya and surrounding areas . The case arose after the discovery leaked UN response .

Suspect Abd initials , one domestic shipping polytechnic student in Surabaya . After investigation , the suspect served as a conduit of questions and answer key UN .

Police , said Ferry , still hunting the other suspects are included in the UN jockey network . It also claimed to have had a number of information and pocketed the other names .

Before capturing Abd , police formed a special team of five officers managed to subdue a student from a private college in Surabaya .

Fifth respectively initials Bgs ( 20 ) , Brn ( 19 ) , Str ( 19 ) , Alf ( 19 ) and DYT ( 20 ) . Two names in front served as chairman and vice- coordinator in the network . While other students are in charge of the search for answers .

" They were arrested in a square in Yogyakarta by a special team after receiving a report that they had been out of town . All still undergoing an intensive inspection process , " said Police Commissioner Setija Kapolrestabes Junianta Surabaya .

In front of the investigator , the suspect confessed to reap a profit of up to hundreds of millions of dollars .

Not only in Surabaya , they often move the target , as in Malang , Bandung , Yogyakarta and other cities .


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