Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The execution of Malay Dam Bridge Makes Loss

Reworking Dam bridge at Jalan Melayu Plumpang Raya , North Jakarta, causing traffic jams .
This is due to the heavy equipment that serves as a stake in the middle of the bridge so cut some roads .

Bayu ( 30 ) one motorist hope that the bridge construction is completed quickly .
" Pengennya quickly done , because if dizziness also jam like this , " said Bayu to , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
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Similar disclosed Budhi . He welcomed the repair of the bridge, but traffic congestion caused by bridge construction also makes it irritated him . " Yes upset only if the jam continues here , it's been almost a month , " he complained .

Development of Malay Dam Road Bridge Plumpang Raya , North Jakarta had stalled .

Bridges Section Head of Maintenance of Roads and Bridges Jakarta Public Works Department , Puka Yanuar , said that as a result of inhibition of workmanship one tool saplings were damaged .

Moreover , he added , the complexity of the company's network utilities such as water and electricity complicate workmanship .


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