Friday, May 23, 2014

Refer discourse Prabowo-Titiek Suharto, Hatta Rajasa's response

Vice presidential candidates Hatta Rajasa considers discourse attempts to reunite presidential candidate Prabowo with his ex-wife , Siti Hediati Haryadi ( Titiek Soeharto ) , is a private initiative . Previously , the discourse was made Chairman of the Organization of wing National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Women's National Commission ( Puan ) , Erwina Yunarti . ( read : Organizations Women Want To Make A PAN - Titiek Refer Prabowo )

Hatta said , what the organization would not be a decision Puan party .
( Read: peluang usaha ternak kroto )

" That's nice , but does not need to be the party's decision , " said Hatta , after visiting KH Salahuddin Wahid , South Jakarta , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) .

Previously reported , PAN -wing organization , the National Commission of Women ( Puan ) , states , ready to reunite relationship presidential candidate Prabowo with his ex-wife , Siti Hediati Haryadi Titiek Suharto who is familiarly called , for the sake of the nation .

" We as an organization supporting Prabowo wing PAN - Hatta ready reunite silahturahim relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Titiek Prabowo , it would not hurt , " said Chairman of the DPP Puan Erwina Yunarti on the sidelines of the declaration of support to partner organizations Prabowo wing PAN - Hatta Airport The Office of the DPP PAN , Jakarta , Friday ( 05/23/2014 ) , as quoted by Antara .
Erwina statement was made in the community to address questions related to the presence of the first lady companion who Prabowo if Prabowo was elected president of the Republic of Indonesia in the presidential election on July 9 .


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