Sunday, May 4, 2014

"Bathed", Monument Peak Close Starting Today

Starting Monday ( 05/05/2014 ) , the top of the monument monument was closed to the public . Monas will be cleared after 22 years is not washed .

A leading software company from Germany , Karcher , the monument will also be a cleaning logo images Jakarta Provincial Government is .

Head of Implementation Unit Haryani Monas Rini said , when the monument was done cleaning , it just closes the cup and top of the monument area .
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" Yeah cleanup began Monday , 5 to May 18. Parties Karcher which will clean . They 've experienced in the world , even the last cleaning Monas monument , " he said , Sunday ( 4/5 ) .

He believes the closure of two of the favorite tourist areas in the monument did not make the monument in terms of revenue loss .

According to him , the process of cleaning it Monas monument will be an interesting spectacle . Monas will be sprayed with high pressure water . In addition to top, visitors can visit the tourist areas that remain open space area that proclamation and other dioramas that were on the ground floor .

Visitors can also enjoy the monument garden area that is wide enough to chat with the family .

A total of 20 experts and experienced technicians will climb the monument Karcher body while cleaning the monument that became an icon of Jakarta.


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