Monday, May 26, 2014

Jab Two Residents, Police Person Almost engulfed in Mass

A police almost a month thereafter is disputed and the mass after slashing two people . Actors who had escaped and hid in the house of the head Clumps Neighbors ( RT ) finally evacuated by dozens of local police armed to the teeth , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Aiptu R is known to duty in the Police Sector ( police ) Bontonompo , Gowa, South Sulawesi , was previously involved in an argument with one 's mouth named Daeng Jarre , residents Barombong Beautiful Charm Housing , Urban Barombong , District Tamalate , Makassar .

Perpetrators and victims is disputed and eventually stabbed the victim by the perpetrator . One security officer housing , Promise Daeng , who witnessed the event also intends to intervene but ultimately became a victim pembacokan . Jarre Daeng injured jab in the arm while the right finger Daeng Promise breaking point .

" I just want melerapi but instead I were hacked , " said Daeng Promise .
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In addition to securing the perpetrators , the police also seized a samurai belonging to the perpetrator . Aiptu R itself suffered injuries on the head leak exposed stone's throw from the citizens .

" I do not know what happened as police pursued the same apparent mass and straight into my house so I ask the police to secure a new phone , " said Kadir Tahir .

Meanwhile , police confirmed the incident related claims still investigating .

" It's not clear who the victim is not to the police that the victim so we keep this in the office , " short AKP Paningo Salang , Tamalate police chief .


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