Saturday, March 8, 2014

Various Kinds of type Cat In The World

God created nature and its contents are not exception of animals that can be kept as a cat , and I will share Kinds of type Cat in the World where in this world there are many types of cats that circulate throughout the world including in our country Indonesia.
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Types of Cats In The World

As we know that in this world there are many types of cats are shared either be maintained or even a wild cat , but most animals that make this one of her many pets either as a hobby or just to seek profit.

The following are the types of cats in the world

1 . Somalia

This type of cat to own carpenter who spoiled but has a character active , intelligent , and cheerful, these cats have the tail is long and bushy .

2 . Norwegian Forest Cat

The northern European native cats have thick fur and gorgeous that serves to keep his body from his cold weather .

3 . Alpine Lynx

Cats that was developed in the United States has glowing red eyes and cat persilanagn results of this have thin but soft hair once when in touch and the color of the cat is mostly bright white .

4 . Sphynx

You would think that this is not a cat but in fact it is indeed a cat without any piece of fur , these cats are now many who keep her amused but despite this cat memjadi hunted animal lovers because this cat memilliki own uniqueness .

5 . Persian

Who does not know which one is the same cat , , , well this really is a beautiful Persian cat and cute , and this cat has become one of the most expensive cat in the world despite its exorbitant price but who wish to maintain the number one cat that was not little or a lot .

6 . Angora  (see also: pakan burung parkit)

One type of cat that is also very popoler like his colleagues ( persian ) where these cats are also both have commercial value rather expensive but many are mengignginkan this cat to be made in animals peliharaa .


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