Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NASA Find New Planets 715

The U.S. space agency , NASA , discovered 715 new in our universe . Four of hundreds of new planets were found in the " life zone " , meaning that the potentially habitable by humans .
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CNN reported , Thursday, February 27, 2014 , NASA's announcement is delivered on Wednesday the U.S. . It is the greatest invention in one time NASA has ever done . Previously , NASA discovered 1,000 planets , but in a time span far .

Hundreds of new planets found orbiting at 305 different stars . These planets discovered using the Kepler space telescope and verified using a new technique . In the future , researchers hope will more find more planets with detailed information .

" We can open up access to the neck of the bottle and bring on your basic and more than 20 times the number of planets ever discovered and announced in advance , " said Jack Lissauer , a space scientist at NASA Ames Research Center in California .

NASA says 95 percent of the planet Kepler - discovered planets smaller than Neptune , which is four times larger than Earth . One of the planet's two -fold greater than the Earth , and orbits a star that is half the size of the sun in a cycle of 30 days .

The three other planets that are found in the zone of life also measuring two times larger than the Earth .

" The deeper we explore , the more we find ourselves in the footsteps of stars, reminds us of home , " said Jason Rowe , a researcher at the SETI Institute in Mountain View , California .
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Into use in March 2009 , the observation space is the first mission of NASA's Kepler to find Earth-like planets or habitable . These planets are usually located in the life zone , or region has the right distance from the star , which may produce temperatures for the presence of water .


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